Dec 9, 2012

An L&D Story

A recent funny story from labor and delivery...

A questionable pair comes in, with the woman in labor.  She has just been released from jail earlier that day.
Due to years of drug use,  her veins are difficult to start in IV in, and the anesthesiologist has to come in to start it.  The boyfriend leans over and points "that's a good one!  I could get that one for you, if you like."

No thanks.

She delivers quickly.  The boyfriend crows "She held it in!  I'm so proud of you baby, you held it in til you got out [of jail]!" 

The next morning on postpartum rounds, the woman pulls me aside and asks "Does this baby look just a little bit black to you?  I think this might be from someone different than who I thought"   She is white.  I glance over at "Dad."  Also white. 

I tell her that I can't tell any paternity just by looking, there would need to be blood tests to confirm who the father is.

But the kid looks black. 

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