Oct 20, 2009

New Blog

Well, I have never blogged before. It seems like the 21st century's solution to "dear diary", and it seemed presumptuous to assume that anyone would have time/interest to read the ins and outs of my life as a medical student. However, it seemed to me that I am experiencing so much that is new on a daily basis, that this might provide a record to me of this unique time in my life- the funny stuff, the first experiences, the hard stuff. Also, much like a diary, perhaps it provides an outlet for me to "work out" problems I have, observing patient pain, doubts about becoming a doctor, difficulties with training. Doctors by definition have a difficult job, as physical suffering is our job to treat, and sometimes it is hard to see patients in pain. I don't know if I feel this more acutely as a student, and this will fade as I become old in the profession, but for now I think this blog will be a good record of my thoughts and progression to becoming a physician.

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  1. Did I inspire this? LOL
    This is a good way to read each other's stuff! Sweet.