Apr 17, 2012

For My Husband

For my husband, who has done approximately 221 loads of dishes since I started my residency
And unloads the dishwasher too.

For my husband, who installed blackout curtains during my first week of working nights
And pulls them shut each morning when I am coming home from work.

For my husband, who helped me pick out the perfect "first day of residency" outfit
And curled the back of my hair for the fancy residency banquet.

For my husband, who feeds my cats
And picks up the dog poop.

For my husband, who knows more gynecologists than I'm sure he ever thought he would
And listens and laughs to their stories and jokes at parties.

For my husband, who rubs my feet after a long shift
And puts lotion on the parts of my back that I can't reach, since it's dry from the hospital air.

For my husband, who shops at Costco instead of me
Even without a list.

For my husband, who knows more about menstruation and menopause than most women
Because he has quizzed me on every flashcard I've made.

For my husband, who turns down my bed when I'm coming home from a long night shift
And puts clean pajamas on my pillow.

For my husband, who listens to me complain
And is indignant on my behalf, even when it is undeserved.

For my husband, who iChatted me in to my family Christmas morning
Because I was at work.

For my husband, who takes care of me, and our pets, and our home
And if we can make it through residency, I think we can make it through anything.

For my husband, Ryan.

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  1. That Christmas iChat was the highlight of the season for me!