Feb 9, 2011

Top 10 Study Spots

A list of the top 10 most interesting/unusual/weird places I have studied medicine (none include a desk):

10. At the summit of a ten mile hike (the EKG book fit nicely into my Camelbak).

9. In the middle seat of an airplane. Not too original except for the fact that the seatmates on either side were looking over my shoulder and commenting on the subject material. Topic: platelets. Window seat guy: "I'm on Plavix." Aisle seat guy: "What are platelets? Is that a disease?"

8. On a ski lift. But it was hard to turn the notecards with my ski gloves on. And even harder to stuff the notecards back in my pocket, get a pole in each hand, and scoot to the front of the seat in time for the lift to end.

7. In the bathtub. But the water made the ink run on the notecards.

6. On the toilet. (Sorry).

5. At the pool, both in a chaise lounge and on a floaty in the pool, but ran into same problem as #7.

4. In my kayak, floating in the middle of the back bay, toes dipped over either side into the water.

3. Sweet Tomatoes (a soup/salad buffet restaurant). If I came for a late lunch and studied long enough, I could dish up dinner before leaving!

2. On my cat. Not with my cat, on my cat. He made an excellent bookstand...the reading angle was perfect. And he didn't even seem to mind.

1. On a date. With my (very) patient husband.

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  1. Love the blog - esp. the ribs guy. Ouch!